Essential Oils, more for your Natural Cabinet

We previously talked about Lavendar,  Peppermint, Lemon Essential Oils.  Let’s talk about a few more Essential Oils which are some of the most powerful Essential Oils to stock in your Herbal Cabinet.


One of the most underrated essential oils, frankincense could be the most powerful. Frankincense is also known as  boswellia. It has been regarded as a holy oil in the Middle East for centuries. It has been used for the act of anointing
individuals, and is well known biblically as one of the gifts given to Christ at his birth. In ancient times, frankincense was valued above gold because of its use to support health and wellness in a wide range of individuals and circumstances.
The essential oil has also been used with much success to support healthy inflammation response and healthy immune system function.

Frankincense oil benefits
• Supports healthy inflammation response
• Supports healthy immune system function
• Aids in the cleansing and detoxification of the body
• Promotes healthy mood
• Spiritual awareness
• Promotes total body skin health

Some Uses

+ Rub topically behind ears, on chest and neck to support immune system function
+ Take internally to support healthy inflammation response and apply topically on areas of joint discomfort
+ Apply topically on age spots, scars and stretch marks to aid in skin regeneration
+ Diffuse in the air when praying or meditating
+ Use after a trauma to recenter and calm yourself
+ Diffuse in air to promote seasonal immune system health
+ Take internally, diffuse or use topically for cellular health and longevity


Well known throughout Australia for its ability to promote natural wound healing, melaleuca also known as tea tree oil has powerful antiseptic properties. Melaleuca has been documented to kill many germs on contact.
A study published in the British Medical Journal found that melaleuca is “a powerful disinfectant and is non-poisonous and gentle” to the body.
Melaleuca oil benefits

• Antiseptic
• Supports healthy gums
• Supports healthy skin and reduces blemishes
• Promotes a healthy scalp

Some Uses:

+ Mix 5 drops with 1 tablespoon of raw honey and use as a wash for blemishes
+ Apply topically to aid in natural skin healing of toenails and feet
+ Add 5 drops to shampoo to improve scalp health
+ Diffuse in the air to purify
+ Gargle melaleuca essential oil and water to support seasonal immunity
+ Put directly on bug, mosquito or spider bites to aid in natural healing
+ Mix 2 teaspoons melaleuca and water in spray bottle for all-purpose cleaner (excellent for workout mats)

Protective Blend  (Clove, Orange, Eucalyptus
and Rosemary)

Make your own protective blend of essential oils to keep your family healthy and safe. This formulation is based on a story long told of an event that occurred during the 15th century when many people across Europe were suffering with poor health. There were four robbers apprehended during this time and when brought to the judge he asked them how it was they were
not getting sick.
They were spice traders and told the judge they were protected because of a blend of essential oils they were covering themselves in — of clove, cinnamon, citrus, eucalyptus and rosemary.  This is at times referred to as THIEVES OIL.  I use it all the time!

Clove essential oil ranks as the No. 1 herb in the world in antioxidant value also known as ORAC score. It’s antioxidant
score is 1,078,700 per 100g where blueberries are 9,300 per 100g. Clove has also been shown to possess antifungal
Eucalyptus essential oil
 supports respiratory health. Also, it decreases mucus production and supports digestive health.

Orange peel oil is a powerful citrus fruit that contains d-limonene, which has many benefits, including cleansing and support of healthy inflammation response. It has also been shown to promote a healthy mood, freshen odor and support metabolic
Rosemary essential oil
has been shown to support healthy brain function.  It also has been shown to improve health of skin, hair, nails and naturally support hormone balance.

Benefits of this protective blend
• Antioxidant protection
• Disinfectant against germs
• Energizing aroma
• Supports healthy inflammation response
• Reduces fatigue
• Supports brain health
• Supports a healthy immune system
• Opens sinuses and supports seasonal wellness

Some Uses:
+ Put 1 drop under tongue to freshen breath and give energy boost
+ Diffuse in air for amazing scent and to sanitize your home or office
+ Improves breathing
+ Mix with coconut oil and rub on feet to promote skin health
+ Rub on gums for toothache or mix with coconut oil and baking soda as homemade toothpaste
+ Mix with aloe vera juice for natural mouthwash
+ Mix with coconut oil and baking soda for homemade deodorant that actually works all day
+ Take in capsule form to support daily and seasonal immune response

Your Wellness Cabinet

As you can see, these essential oils offer an array of health benefits and can be the foundation of your Wellness Cabinet.
I believe this blend to be the most important essential oil formulas in the world and can be used for many things. And it has an amazing aroma so I diffuse it around my home and office everyday.

In our next discussion we can cover a Digestive Blend, and charts.


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